Furbishbox- Open The Box Of Your Wishes

Furbishbox has been established as a dedicated brand for refurbished iPhone, iPad, and Apple accessories segment. The whole world has been entered into a new world where digitalization is the core of the progress. To cope up with the digitalization, Apple has been introducing several digital accessories embracing latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, etc. However, not everyone is able to buy a new and latest apple product, that’s why we have came up with a long list of refurbished products. Now, people can buy latest Apple products at low cost with exact match in quality as new product.


High Quality Refurbishment

We are associated with expertise in refurbishment that can turn any Smartphone into new one without leaving any trace of any wear and tear. The product will not only be good to look at but its functionality will also be just as smooth like the new products.


Quality In Service

We believe in nurturing our relationship with the every client and customer, that’s why we follow customized methodology for them. We follow ethics in our process, proper timelines, and try to fulfill client’s expectations and requirements.


Our pledge

We love to serve only the best technology and products to our customers who are looking for high quality at lower cost. We are committed to serving those who have high expectation and desire to grow with digitalization. We are pledged to offer best in the market.

Unbox Like New

The products will be brand new or almost brand new with original packaging and condition. You will not be able to differentiate between this one and the brand new products.

Excellent Refurbished Products

You can shop for those products that have been used for very few time and have minimal scratches. Products will be available in a great condition and at quite low price range as compared to the original one.

Very Good Refurbished

The products that have been used for a significant amount of days but have no or minimal scratches giving you the best deal. These will be fully functional and can be revamped with little effort only.

Good Refurbished

An extensively used product with fine scratches that undergoes through proper refurbishment process. No doubt, you will get these fully functional products at extremely reasonable rate without any wear and tear.

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